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Eco-friendly ways to a spruce up your kitchen

With a few inexpensive and eco-friendly upgrades a kitchen can feel more like a sanctuary.  The less cluttered your kitchen is the more pleasure you will get out of cooking.  Here are some tried and true tips that are sure to liven up a boring kitchen.  The first few things I recommend are to go through your drawers and donate anything you have multiples of or no longer use.  Donating keeps things out of the landfill and can make for a nice tax write off.  Once you donate your old things clean and organize the counter tops.  Now you are ready to make your kitchen beautiful.

  1. Buy a pretty plant and put it in a focal point.  Orchids last a long time and are easy to care for.  Plants help detoxify the air and are pleasant to look at.  They are inexpensive and you don’t have to change the water.
  2. Have a spot for everything but designate one drawer, basket or shelve that can be your “junk Drawer”.  This must be a place out of sight to put coupons, magazine clippings, note pads, magnets, pens, rubber bands, ect.  Organize only when you feel like it and do not feel guilty if it is a neglected mess. 
  3. Buy live herbs that you plan to use in the kitchen.  Basil is a person favorite and the fragrance is an added bonus.  I currently have a mint plant I use to flavor water and tea.  These plants can be re-planted in a pot outside or in the ground.  Other great options are rosemary, thyme, oregano, and dill.  I like to have only one small plant at a time.  Have a pretty pot that you keep the herb in and can be used for your next herb pick.
  4. Display a nice set of dish soap and hand soap containers.  These can be inexpensive or a splurge.  The amount of money you will save by buying the re-fill soap in bulk can justify the splurge.   I purchased a set from Restoration Hardware years ago and they still look nice.  You can go as basic as nice looking plastic one’s to decorative metal ones.  Make sure it fits the theme of your kitchen.
  5. Have a set of nice kitchen towels.  Find one’s that you love and coordinate with your kitchen.  I found some really nice William Sonoma dish towels in white and green.  I have some basic solid one’s I use for everyday food messes and nice ones for display and when I have company. 
  6. Ditch chemical cleaners.  Using chemical cleaners puts dangerous toxins in the air and in your food.  If you do not have the time or energy to make your own buy eco-friendly one’s.  They smell better and it is worth the peace of mind. 

Other nice things if you have counter space are a fruit bowl display.  I use a colander to show off my fruit.  Just keep things simple.  The more things you have cluttering your kitchen makes for a less efficient kitchen.  Your coffee should be close to your coffee maker, knives by where you cut and prep and pots by the stove.  Now go and beautify that kitchen!


About dailyhealthtipsformoms

Mom, teacher, coach and wife. I am dedicated to help other mom's live a healthy and happy lifestyle through good eating habits, exercise, and emotional wellness. I graduated with a B.S in Kinesiology and got my Master's in Physical Education. My Thesis was called "Food for Thought" and it investigated how school's sell their students health for profits. This was an eye opening experience for me. I LOVE to run, swim, bike, walk, and be active. I will never slow down! My passion involves learning about new health topics and to share those insights with others.


2 thoughts on “Eco-friendly ways to a spruce up your kitchen

  1. thanks sierra. I have now just completed a half hour of completely unnecessary kitchen organizing. You need to post a warning or something.

    Posted by Candice | April 14, 2011, 4:37 am
  2. Great article! I am going to go organize my kitchen now! I have always liked how your kitchens look- clean and organized!

    Posted by baumenglish | April 14, 2011, 4:58 am

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