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The power of acidophilus

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Acidophilus is a live microbial organism that is abundant in our digestive tract. This so called “friendly” bacteria helps improve our immune function, enhance the protective barrier in the digestive tract and decreases our cancer risk by killing bad bacteria. Acidophilus also helps create a healthy gastrointestinal tract and vagina function. It is a wonder microbial organism since it helps synthesize vitamin B12, K, thiamine and folic acid. It also helps treat irritable bowl syndrome, bloating, and yeast infections.

Acidophilus can be found in yogurts, kefir, powders, capsules, and liquid form. The amount of acidophilus depends on the product. Yogurts high in sugar are not a good source of acidophilus. For maximum results in supplement form look for at least 1 billion live organisms in each pill.


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