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Plastic bag free shopping tips

plastic bagI’m happy to report I went plastic bag free as my New Years resolution this year. I had planned on drinking more water again for the third year in a row but let’s be honest it’s a hard resolution to follow…

Here’s how I went plastic bag free and you can too:

1. Keep 1-2 Envirosacs http://www.envirosax.com or ChicoBag https://www.chicobag.com in your purse at all times.

I love the Envirosacs because they are beautiful and compact and can hold up to 40 lbs. OMG have you seem some of their new prints?!?  People compliment me everywhere I go and I am constituently spreading the word on these babies…

Chicobag is just as lovely and very affordable.  I was just at a Natural Products convention and representative gave me two bags.  One is a lovely shopping bag that folds small and the other a cross body tote.  It hold 25 lbs.  The colors are vibrant and fun!!

2. Keep reusable bags in your car.  I have two envirosacs in my glove compartment because my husband is notorious for taking bags (& useful stufff) out of the trunk.  Yes, I married a neat freak..If I forget my bags I can either just put my stuff in the cart and leave the store or run to my car quickly to get my bags..I don’t always remember them!

3. Keep reusable grocery bags in your kitchen pantry and bring them with you to the store. I usually always shop on Saturdays after receiving my CSA (local harvest box) & just grab my bags before I go.  If I forget them I always have the back up of two bags in my purse and two in my glove compartment. Yes, I keep two in each car glove compartment so buying a total of 6 is recommended.  I won’t reveal how many re-usable bags I have in the fear you might call Hoarders on me.  I will say they were mostly all given to me…

It is not a hard thing to completely go plastic free. With a little pre-planning & small investment you can help make a big impact on the environment. Our town voted to be plastic free and soon stores will no longer provide them for free.  If you are a big Target shopper like me you get .5 off your bill for bringing your own bags.  That in itself pays for my beautiful and fun re-usable bags.

Happy shoppping…..

Please share your tips if you have anything to add

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