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cloth diapers for a better planet

When I had my first child I had every intention of using cloth diapers. I bought a few to try out and after returning to work I gave up my cloth diaper dream. I compromised by using mainly the chlorine free diapers even though they cost more. Now, three years later I find myself no longer working and a new enthusiasm for cloth. I have done what most moms do and asked other cloth diapering mama’s about benefits of cloth diapering. I was pleasantly surprised to find that facebook has a huge cloth diapering community. I researched this wonderful new world and these are the reasons I am going cloth the second time around.

11 reasons to use cloth diapers

1.Less waste in our landfill. It is estimated that a baby uses approximately 2,555 disposable diapers a year. 7×365=2,555. Assuming your child is out of diapers by three years that is 7,665 disposables in our landfill per person. This is only an estimate. It takes over a hundred years for a normal disposable to biodegrade. These diapers will outlive all of us.

2.Potty training may be faster. Studies have shown that babies who wear cloth are more aware of their elimination and therefore potty train faster than those in absorbent diapers.

3.Luscious bottoms. A cloth diaper does not leave harsh chemical and gel residue. Cloth-diapered baby’s bottoms are softer and parents report that luscious bottom syndrome.

4.No harmful chemicals. Diapers contain dioxin, a carcinogenic chemical linked to causing cancer. They also contain sodium polyacrylate, an absorbent polymer banned in tampons due to Toxic shock syndrome and fragrance (perfume) to mask the smell.

5.Saves energy. Disposables take more energy to produce. They contain petroleum, a non renewable resource, which when low in supply, drives the price of diapers up. They take energy to box, transport, and finally the consumer needs to drive to pick up the diapers or have them delivered.

6.Saves money. 7,665 diapers at $.30 each is approximately $2,299. Most diapers cost more than $.30 each. Pull ups and night-time diapers cost more. Cloth diapers are anywhere from $10-$25 and one size will cover a baby through year three. Cloth diapers are also easily re-sold for around fifty percent, or more, of the purchasing price.

7.Disposables come with a warning. If parts are ingested, they require a call to the poison control. If a dog eats a disposable diaper (and most will if given the chance) they can die from the absorbency chemical response.

8.Better health for your baby. The chemicals in disposables were proven to give rats cancer. Chemical burns, skin sensitivity, and asthma are a few side effects we are seeing in disposable wearing children. Disposables contain phthalates, bleach, polyethylene, fragrance, and dioxins (a carcinogenic by-product from the paper process). If you call most disposable diaper companies, they will not disclose all the ingredients. We do not know exactly what the “secret ingredient” is.

9. Trendy. Cloth diapers come in all sorts of beautiful prints and colors.

10. More environmentally friendly. Keeps feces out of the landfill and in the septic and sewer system where it belongs. Also keeps toxins out of the land, air, and water system. Disposables use wood pulp which comes from trees. If you dry your diapers in the sun you are also cutting back on your electricity use.

11. Connects moms to the community.
Cloth diapering moms are a part of a special group of supporting and nurturing moms. There are social networking sites, blogs and websites that help support the cloth diapering movement.
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One thought on “cloth diapers for a better planet

  1. Yay! Excited to hear you switched! I started using cloth with both boys shortly after Nathan was born. Lucas was potty trained 2 months after we started using them! 🙂

    Posted by Suzanne | June 10, 2011, 2:24 am

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